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What is the 40 Book Challenge?

Do you remember when reading was fun? The 40 Book Challenge is designed to put the joy back into independent reading. It is a vetted program based on The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. We all know that reading touches every aspect of learning and the more we intentionally practice this discipline, the more successful we will be in all areas of life. Reading is EVERYWHERE!
The 40 Book Challenge is just that – a personal CHALLENGE. It is not a class grade. It is not a mandatory program. It is not meant to deflate student achievement. It is merely meant to push students, teachers, and families to embrace a culture of reading, to explore all genres, and to push beyond our comfort zones.

Each student will receive a “Genre Tracker” with directions on how to participate in the program. The challenge is laid out below:
Realistic Fiction – 5
Informational Text – 5
Book of Poetry – 1
Fantasy – 4
Biography/Autobiography - 5
Novel in Verse – 1
Mystery – 3
Adventure – 2
Historical Fiction – 2
Science Fiction – 2

1.Read a book from one of the genre categories listed above.

2.Report the book when you are finished by filling out the genre tracker form located at https://forms.gle/nJmoCXXBp2oYbycm8 or in the library with Mrs. Mower.

3.Record the book on your Genre Tracker (shade in the box on the chart).

4.If a book is more the 400 PAGES, it counts as 2 BOOKS!

5.The books should have been read since Christmas of this year!

Families are encouraged to celebrate reading at home. Set aside your electronics for 20-30 minutes every night and spend time reading and talking about the books you are reading as a family. Recommend books to your children that were special to you at his/her age. Better yet, read them together as a family!  Discuss what you are reading. What happened in your book tonight? What was something you really liked? What surprised you? Were you able to make a connection about what you read to something else? Were there words you didn’t understand?