COVID Update 1/18/2022

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Covid Update

Dear Nebo District Families:

On January 13, 2022, state government leaders sent all school districts a letter suspending Utah's "Test to Stay" program and giving districts more flexibility for moving to "remote learning." Prior to this letter, most of our high school students' families received notices about the possibility of "Test to Stay" at their school. Those families have now been notified that this will not occur.

Some school districts in the state are moving to "remote learning" for periods of time in the coming days. This is a possibility in Nebo District if COVID-19 case counts do not come down or if we have significant employee absenteeism. However, we do not plan to move to "remote learning" for now, but will continue to proceed with strategies focused on our longstanding commitment:

"Every Nebo District child, in-person learning, at the school, every day"

A reminder and profound plea to follow our "Be SMART" guidelines:

Stay home when sick.  

  • Students who have COVID-like symptoms should stay home from school. Having symptomatic individuals stay home is a significant deterrent to the spread of COVID-19.

  • Additionally, anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 is not permitted at school or any school activities during their isolation period.   

    We hear anecdotal stories that students who have COVID-19 are still coming to school. Please do not do this. The new CDC guidelines allow a student to return after only five days from their positive test date, provided that they do not have symptoms any longer. (See for the full guidelines and other COVID-19 information.)

Masks are a personal choice, but may prevent sickness. 

  • Most health officials encourage wearing face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Face masks are not mandatory; and it is unlikely that we will have a mask mandate in our county, so families will need to make individual decisions about when and where to have students wear face masks. Remember, the goal is to keep students attending school "in person" and wearing face masks may be a simple way to help.

Advocate for distancing when possible, and

Remember good hygiene and sanitation. 

  • Schools will continue to implement best practices with cleaning, physical distancing, and other actions designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Talk to your health care provider about vaccinating eligible students. 

  • Vaccination is not a requirement to enroll in school or join an extracurricular team, but may help limit the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, vaccinations may help limit the severity of symptoms if COVID-19 is contracted.  Parents should talk to their health care provider when making decisions about vaccinating eligible students (currently those 5 and older).

We appreciate the support and shared commitment we have from our Nebo District families. We recognize that some of you may feel we are not doing enough to limit the spread of COVID-19. We also recognize that some of you may feel that we are being too restrictive or promoting ideas with which you do not agree. We respect both viewpoints and acknowledge that Utah fundamentally has a "personal responsibility plan" when it comes to COVID-19 responses. We simply ask you to work cooperatively with the district and as a community of friends and neighbors to accomplish our shared goal:

"Every Nebo District child, in-person learning, at the school, every day"